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Straining the boiling water from your pasta into a colander is difficult, if not downright dangerous. The pot is heavy, the water scorching hot, and the colander unstable. Plus, the colander takes up a lot of space in the cupboard.

The SNAP’N STRAIN Strainer will change how you handle boiling pasta water and meat juices. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!

There’s an easier way to strain your hot food.

The SNAP’N STRAIN Strainer is a compact, safe and easy-to-use strainer that clips right on the pan or pot.

This streamlined strainer creates a strainer “shield” for separating hot water and pan juices from your food. You simply attach it to the side of your pan and tilt the pan to drain away the liquid. The food stays in place — no wrestling runaway pasta from the sink. And because the strainer is a flat, half-circle design, it stores easily in any cupboard or drawer.

The strainer is made of flexible, heat-resistant silicone and will fit most pots, pans and bowls. Also, it attaches with two, strong easy-grip clips that keep the strainer firmly in place.

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