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Electric Lazy Self Stirring Mug

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  • Perfect Travel Cup - Self Stirring Mug, provide convience for you
  • Beautiful Design - Features an appealing, Authentic outer feel and classic look
  • Premium Quality - Offers the best quality, Easily operable, Efficient
  • Big Capacity - Holds 13-16 oz, almost a half bigger than any other mug. More is always better
  • Multi Purpose - The best way to stir, taste your coffee and your favorite beverage, such as chocolate, milk tea or cocoa. Suited for any beverage!

This product is truly designed for coffee lover and lazy tea. It’s an ideal mug for traveling which can make your favorite drink any time.


Easy and Convenient Operation

Easy Operation While this coffee mug looks great on any kitchen counter board and/or coffee table, its essence is to make work easier.

Simply press the self-stirring button on the mug and the propeller at the bottom will spin into action, mixing the solute and solvent particles into a lovely froth.

No sweat, no hassle, just a product that makes stirring beverages a whole lot easier! 


Nice Feel, Great Look

This premium self-stirring coffee mug looks great all the way, and feels even better on any kitchen ecosystem.

It’s easy and simple to operate with no sound. JUST press the button on the handle,there comes a cup of tasty coffee in several minutes.


It’s a perfect gift for friends or lovers or relatives. 

Material: Stainless metal+ Food grade plastic

Item size: 8.8x8.8x12.3cm

Capacity: 400ml

Power: 2xAAA battery (not included)

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